Posted on 04/21/18

Messing with platforms and really advanced enemy behaviors.

Posted on 04/14/18

Adding Bung-Fu!

These are the Gas Blast, the Bowel Burner, and the Bun Gun.

Posted on 04/11/18

Getting the abilities menu all set up.


Posted on 04/07/18

Hot off my brain: Some new ferocious enemies!

These robots are minions made by Dr. Jealous — but to him they aren’t just minions, they’re his best friends.

Posted on 03/31/18

Updates to fart game! Added chests, food, money, fire, death. Food refills both health and gas. Money will be used to buy upgrades from vending machines.

Posted on 03/26/18

Got behaviors for the first enemy all set up / Made it so you can kill the lil’ guy.

Posted on 03/23/18

Added the first of Dr. Jealous’s best friends (his minions). This stupid little robot patrols, then charges Johnny when he’s in sight.


Posted on 03/20/18

I’ve also added the first special fart attack (which drains your gas) – there will be more variations of fart attacks, but those are secrets for the future.

Posted on 03/20/18

Added a basic attack to big boy, Johnny Bung.

Posted on 03/20/18

Created Health and Gas bars, and some buildings.