Posted on 03/23/18

Added the first of Dr. Jealous’s best friends (his minions). This stupid little robot patrols, then charges Johnny when he’s in sight.


Posted on 03/20/18

I’ve also added the first special fart attack (which drains your gas) – there will be more variations of fart attacks, but those are secrets for the future.

Posted on 03/20/18

Added a basic attack to big boy, Johnny Bung.

Posted on 03/20/18

Created Health and Gas bars, and some buildings.

Posted on 03/19/18

Sketching out some fart attacks. This one’s called the Gas Blast.


Posted on 03/17/18

New stuff!

  • Created some backgrounds for the first level
  • Got parallax scrolling all set up
  • Set up basic movement animations for Johnny
  • Built out player controller. This includes functionality for attacks, jumps, and special attacks (but the animations for these are still in progress, so those are secrets for later)


Posted on 03/14/18

Here’s a first look at the hand-drawn (sloppy?) art for this game we’re making.

For a game about a guy who uses his bowels to fly through the air and fight enemies, it seems a pretty good fit.